Roamer Woman
Roamer Woman
"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance." Alan Watts
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A call for connection

That big question... that institutionally repressed, passionately relentless, daunting question that wiggles its way out the shadows of the soul to the forefront of our hearts day in and day out. The query that intuitively analyzes our personal beliefs, goals, and societal sorrows, distinguishes our innovative talents, and rationalizes the soul-stricken desire to creatively make lasting change in our personal existence and and within our world at large. Why was I put here to exist? Who am I?

In this hominal body, on this life-forging blimp in the solar system, what helpfulness or change could I possibly bring forth amongst billions of other people? What is the purpose behind my living physical force, creative force, and spiritual force? 

I've found my soul swimming in an ocean of questions rightfully in a place lacking just understanding and answers. I'm learning that these answers don't always show up out of the blue. Commencement requires fertile soil, a nutritious seed, sunlight, water, all the necessities of natural growth, plus some;  progression of thought, construction of ideas, genuineness in heart and will, empathy for thy neighbor, compassion for our natural world, prioritization of the instinctive nature within, and simply forging our own answers. 

I've come to know that acting to improve the live's of others comes with no cost, no extreme standard, and no tangible reward. What it does aid to accomplish is the advancement of humanity towards a more emotion-receptive society. Planted in the heart of one affected by love and support is a seed laden with nourishment, energized hope, and belongingness which can in turn encourage the development of a more physically and emotionally connected world. 

I've come know that I want to be a proponent of this type of relationship we share with society, and to get there, I strongly believe that developing fruitful relationships with the strangers around us, learning from cultures distant to our own, and growing closer to the natural world by immersion and conservation of the Earth's natural wonders, we can develop the vigor and confidence needed to intuitively create our purpose-driven life for a more prosperous planet. 

In effort to advance the live's that also value this style of human evolvement, sustainable worldly outlook, and the desire to understand the multiplicities of depth to oneself, I hope to serve as a mentor and friend in the field of yoga, sustainable travel, spirituality, and the conservation of our ecosystems. I believe that this type of human akin will encourage a more sustainable, spiritual, and connected existence. 

To connect, discuss, and strive toward self and worldly sustainability, please share your voice with me through email or any linked social media accounts at the bottom of this page.


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A collection of personal essays that reflect my experiences of exploration, connection, and personal development. 


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